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IARS Membership

Different classes of IARS memberships gently recognize the different proficiency levels of its members in their research areas. It provides apposite differentiation in memberships for their finely defined roles and responsibilities in the augmentation of the association towards its mission. Unlike many other associations, IARS provides direct platform to all its members for contributing to the vision of the association in true means. All members get their certificate of recognition for all their contribution towards the trance of the association.

Following are different classes of IARS Memberships as offered:

IARS Individual Memberships

  • Patron: Awarded by invitation only, Recognized as ‘Member – Board of Directors
  • Senior Fellow (SFIARS): 800 USD, Open for Doctoral Degree holder FIARS, Recognized as ‘Advisory Member of Association'
  • Fellow (FIARS): 500 USD, Open for Doctoral Degree holder AFIARS, Recognized as ‘Research Guide
  • Associate Fellow (AFIARS): 300 USD, Open for Doctoral/Master Degree holder SMIARS, Recognized as ‘Assistant Research Guide
  • Senior Member (SMIARS): 300 USD, Open for Master Degree holder MIARS, Recognized as ‘Senior Research Scholar
  • Member (MIARS): 250 USD, Open for Master/Bachelor Degree holder AMIARS, Recognized as ‘Research Scholar
  • Associate Member (AMIARS): 200 USD, Open for Bachelor Degree holders, Recognized as ‘Research Savvy
  • Student Member (StIARS): 150 USD, Open for Students of Graduation/Post-graduation, Recognized as ‘Young Researcher

IARS Institutional Memberships

  • IARS Patron Institutional Member: 1500 USD, Free 05 page professionally design website is provided with subdomain of "iars.info".
  • IARS Institute Member: 800 USD, Membership E-Certificate is awarded