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IARS Mission and Vision

IARS Mission

IARS' Mission

To be a leading research supporting organization with collaborative efforts of researchers from all over the world

IARS' Vision

To value the collaborative research activities with encouragement to open communication of innovative thoughts and plans


IARS' Objectives

IARS Objectives

  • Promoting research activities in wide areas of studies
  • Encouraging research thoughts and supporting research projects
  • Encouraging collaborative research efforts by facilitating open communication between researchers
  • Facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among the researchers and scientists in open forums
  • Formation of large scale research communities conquering continental boundaries
  • Spreading awareness about latest research outcomes from different corners of world
  • Offering links to higher education and research opportunities
  • Recognizing the research achievers with apposite honorarium

IARS' Activities

IARS Objectives

  • Publishing journals for open communication of research ideas and reports
  • Organizing conferences to provide open platform for exchange of research thought
  • Establishing open forums for effortless communication between researchers
  • Institutionalizing research centres and facilities across globe for support of research groups
  • Providing credentials to the achievers for their success in different research areas