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IASR coming back soon
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IASR coming back soon
We will come back soon with the information about this page.

IIRJ - An International Refereed Research eJournal
An International Refereed Research Journal (pISSN 2202-2821 eISSN 1839-6518)

IARS' International Research Journal (I'IRJ) is a pioneer in online research journals. This is an international journal catering as a single window solution to research scholars for knowledge exploration, literature survey, concept evaluation, research guidance, and publishing. I'IRJ is peer reviewed annually published online available International Journal with high impact factor. This International Journal provides free access to research thoughts, innovations, and original discoveries by publishing them for public reading and views. Researchers can share their research ideas and project plans by means of publishing them in this reputed International Journal and get global recognition.


I'IRJ is the international journal of International Association of Research Scholars (IARS) that caters to the facts and information needs of researchers by providing them a platform where they can

IARS International Research Journal
  • Find the published content of their interest and subject
  • Find the researchers of similar fields and interests
  • Share the original ideas and concepts for researches
  • Contribute to the global future of research and development
  • Publish the results of their research works to share for public use
  • Submit their research thesis for publishing for acknowledgement and visibility

For more details on IARS’ International Research Journal and contributing to it, please visit www.irj.iars.info.

  IARS Research IARS tends to play influential role in global promotion of research activities in diversified areas of studies. IARS offers to open communication forum for collaborative research efforts and promotion of global studies. IARS offers to encourage, organize, and promote international research activities.


IARS tenders open forums and communities for exchange of information about research thoughts, plans, resources, projects, results, and studies. IARS puts hands with international research organizations and individuals for collection, publishing, and sharing the research proposals, works, and outcomes through its International Research Journals and other editorials.


IARS conducts and extends its research initiatives on following two pillers:

IIRJ - An International Refereed Research Journal